" …Our purchase of 5 beautiful pearls here at OPEC was a most enjoyable experience. After visiting the pearl farms in the Tuamotus and diving with the workers there then coming here to see these, the most perfect of pearls offered for sale, is an experience to be cherished.

San Francisco, CALIFORNIE

" …Thank you for staying open late and helping us choose the perfect necklace and earrings to me. I am not a jewelry maniac but this necklace was my happiest ever - I think I found the necklace that was made just for me. I am thrilled to have this beautiful purchase and I will one day pass them on to my beautiful daughter Emilie - unless she comes to see you too! .. "

Seattle, Washington

"We are so pleased with the outcome of our Black Pearl shopping experience. OPEC showed us that this is the only way to buy these precious pearls."


" …après un premier achat en 1998, je reviens à Tahiti et ma priorité va directement à l'OPEC afin de réaliser une nouvelle acquisition.

Bravo ! vous disposez toujours des plus beaux joyaux de la Polynésie!!

Rendez-vous dans trois ans … "

Paris, France

" …Pour être sûr de la qualité et acheter les yeux férmés, OPEC est le bon endroit avec un accueil sympathique et de bons conseils … "

" …OPEC ressemble au monde des idées platoniciennes puisque on y trouve à la fois le ''beau'' et le ''vrai'' … "

Neuilly SUR seine, France

" …Je vous remercie de la gentillesse de nous avoir montré cette collection élégante et éclatante … "


" … Confiant en votre expertise, notre Coeur a succombé à vos joyaux… "

"We felt comfortable during the Pearl-buying process. The x-ray machine added a level of confidence to our purchase. Thank you."

Californie, USA

"Very patient, very friendly service. Glad to see the x-ray & to have a GIA certificate! Would recommend the store."

New York, USA

"Having shopped around for a Tahitian Black Pearl, I found your store to have the best selection, price & service. We also liked the guarantee of GIA & x-rays photo.

Thank you."


"Thank you so much for your kindness & information. Your business provides us confidence in our purchase for which we are grateful. God bless you."


"Very informational. The nicest collection of Pearls I have seen and the best quality!! Each becomes a one of a kind made especially for the buyer. Thank so much."

Kentucky, USA

"The experience buying Pearls was great. The service & care taken with each customer was First Class. Thank you for such a wonderful experience."


"The only place to buy Pearls that we could really trust. Thank you."

United Kingdom

"We took the time & care to examine Pearls around the majority of the islands. We were best pleased by the service and prices at OPEC The attention to detail brought us back to not only buy one Pearl, but a set for earrings as well. Mr H. is very patient & knowledgeable. Thank you for a pleasant Pearl-Buying experience."



"Going home without a Black Pearl would a grave mistake. OPEC provided a secure & professional experiences for making this important purchase."


"You make buying Pearls easy. This will be a most special final Christmas of the millennium!!"


"As a sign of our deepest gratitude and affection to somebody who loves us more than anything in life, we choose one of the most beautiful examples of nature's Harmony. Thank you for helping our choice."


"We found the Black Pearl after looking through 8 to 9 Pearl Jewelry stores. OPEC was very informative in helping us to choose our Pearl. We totally trust their expertise particularly the GIA certificates that were provided to us.


Sacramento, California

"OPEC was by far the most informative & professional pearl shop that we visited. Mr H. helped us to choose a beautiful pearl that will be treasured for a lifetime & be passed along as a Family Heirloom. Our Black Pearl is a reminder of the beautiful French Polynesian Islands, especially Bora Bora.

Thank you."

Highlands Ranch, Colorado

"Learning about pearls at O.P.E.C was simply effortless. Time was taken to ensure we found the special pearls we were looking for.

Thank you for time & help."


"Excellent presentation and selection of pearls. The x-rays were very useful to determine the quality of the pearls. We have been to many shops, but OPEC provided a relax environment to learn about the quality of the pearls."


"Las perlas OPEC son muy bonitas y hay muy buen servicio por parte de las personnas que trabajan en esta tienda. Espero venir a comprar mas algun dia pronto."


"OPEC has a wonderful selection of Black Pearls. Unlike anything we have ever seen before! The time they took to explain and illustrate the different grades and qualities was most helpful! They made our purchase very easy and enjoyable! Thank you."

Mason City, Iowa

"Como recuerdo de unas vacaciones en Bora Bora,me llevo un recuerdo que durara por siempre.Unas hermosas perlas de OPEC"


"Well educated on Black Pearls here at O.P.E.C, appreciate the knowledge. Feel we have a quality pearl & trusting staff. Exceptional Experience !!!"

Indianapolis, Indiana

"A pleasant and comforting experience to deal with very nice people who so clearly know their business. Bora Bora was & is an excellent experience and also "faisant affaires" avec OPEC "est plaisant""

Montreal & Georgia

"In all my travels throughout Polynesia, I have never found a better selection of Black Pearls, and such constantly high quality. I purchased only 2,but could have easily bought 200.Dont look any further than OPEC if you are serious about buying Tahitian Pearls. You will no finer anywhere!!

Thank you for all your help…we will see you next year."

Brooklyn, New York

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